Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ok, that's just not cool

So I signed up for AdSense as I can use any extra money I can get.

The add at the top of my page says "Homebirth: Studies show it's not as safe as hospital birth".

This is an official disclaimer...I don't endorse the adds. THAT add is bullshit. Sorry. Studies do NOT show that, in fact, studies show homebirth for healthy women and children to be as safe, if not safer than hospital birth. Period. Don't believe me? Do some research! :)


publichealthdoula said...

I just came upon your blog via your comment on "True Face of Birth"...just wanted to say that my name is Rebecca Costello - I love finding people with my same name (or close to it) - I actually made a facebook group for people with the same name, which is kind of fun! ;-) Just wanted to say hi and check out my journal in return if you're interested.

Rebekah Costello said...

Hey! I just saw this! Wow, that's cool we have the same name! I think I'll wander over to your blog, now...