Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A post with a little substance?

So I made this blog to write about things that were important to me. You know, to exercise my brain and my need to sound like I know a thing or two. I then promptly neglected it. :( I was reading Jill over at Revolutionary Keyboard and it hit me, yes, she's right: I don't have time for anything anymore. It's crazy!

We had our 3rd baby 7wks ago yesterday (and honestly, wth, he was JUST BORN a few days ago, I swear!) and ever since then it's like someone pressed the fast-forward button and I can barely catch my breath. I'm loosing my mind, lol.

No time for anything. Well that's not entirely true. I have time to do lots of "nothing" (you know what I mean, when you get to the end of a day and you're utterly exhausted and you have NO IDEA what you have been doing that wiped you out?). I have time to nurse my son. Time to clean up my youngest daughter (as she is forever finding new ways to decorate herself with food, snot, markers, various creams, shampoos and lotions she can reach NO MATTER WHERE I HIDE THEM!!!). Time to plan and cook nummy meals (crappity crap crap, I just realized I need to pull something out for dinner tonight!), time to potty and change my son, time to help my oldest with her homework and listen to her endlessly and excitedly ramble about how Juan pooped his pants at kindergarten and of course, the finer details of how to play Miss Fox in Gym class. There's the cleaning, the booboo-kissing, the OMG did you just dump half a carton of milk on the carpet?!, the rescuing the baby from the clutches of his adoring 2yo sister and the nearly endless (and mostly silent) battle with my mother in law over the right to mother my children as I see fit. I haven't touched on laundry, husbands that are full-time students, grocery-shopping, sick kids, cleaning the rabbit cage and the feeling that it just goes on and on in a great infinite spiral, forever and ever. You don't even want to know how many times a week I get to actually wash my body. And at the end of the week, ask me what I've been doing with myself and I draw a BLANK. Oh you're busy? What have you been up to? Um...ummm...I DON'T EVEN KNOW.

Time to write? I think that might count as an "anything". Well, I'm going to air the Stay At Home Mom dirty little secret: Sometimes it's absolutely MIND NUMBING. So while all the little "nothings" that fill my life DO bring me joy, fulfillment (and exhaustion) my poor little thinker is shriveling up and I just need MY SPACE. Which happens to be a bog or three. :) Got to love the internet: every poor SAHM's place to blow off steam!

So...I'm back and promising myself a little time for "anything" here and there because I need it.

My next post is going to be the birth story of my son, my 3rd child, 2nd uc/homebirh. I put my last one on here with some names changed and so, for the sake of consistency, the names I changed last time are changed here, also, with the same replacements.

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